Wynne Interviewed on Revelation Asylum Cases to Be Decided Via Video Conference

KTRH recently interviewed attorney Michael J. Wynne on the revelation that immigration hearings soon will begin in federal tent courtrooms along the border. Judges will decide on asylum claims, possibly more than 200 cases each day, by video conferences in an attempt to clear the case backlog.

“I can’t see how any judge can reasonably adjudicate such serious matters long distance by video conference. I don’t think it’s fair. I think it’s a mockery of due process and an insult,” said Wynne. “It seems like a kangaroo court, which will in a quick way at least give the veneer of adhering to the principles on which this country is based, but I frankly find it embarrassing.”

Attorneys have not heard where to file paperwork and whether they can meet with their clients beforehand.

The courts are not open to the public.

Check out the full story from KTRK.


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