ABC13 Interviews Wynne on “Unusual” Donations to Houston Mayor’s Campaign

ABC 13 recently interviewed attorney Michael J. Wynne on $81,350 in campaign donations to Mayor Sylvester Turner from some 120 Kelsey-Seybold executives and physicians. The donations were reported the day after then-CEO of Kelsey Seybold, its marketing director and its city lobbyist met for a breakfast meeting with the mayor. ABC 13 reported that 87 percent of the donors had never previously contributed to a political campaign.

Wynne called the donations “unusual.” A former prosecutor, Wynne has handled cases regarding campaign donations.

“The number of people who had never been involved in the political circus whatsoever, all of a sudden decide to get involved,” said Wynne. “I think it’s something that demands a little more scrutiny.”

While Turner wouldn’t run again for three years, the city was about to make a decision about its health care contract for employees. The city contracted with Cigna, which used Kelsey-Seybold as a provider for many employees of the city.

View the full story and interview.

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