Press Release: Jim Turner, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Appellate Division Chief, Joins Gregor Wynne Arney, PLLC



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HOUSTON – Former Assistant United States Attorney Jim Turner, whose experience includes appellate-division leadership and thousands of federal circuit court cases, has joined the litigation boutique Gregor Wynne Arney, PLLC in Houston.

Before retiring from the Department of Justice, Mr. Turner served the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas for more than 30 years, 12 of which were as chief of the appellate division. He also served as a Deputy Attorney General for the Clemency Initiative for the Office of Pardons for one year. Prior to his federal government service, he was Assistant District Attorney in Brazoria County.

At the office of the U.S. Attorney in Houston, Mr. Turner was the responsible attorney for more than 2,700 cases in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He handled more than 50 oral arguments and two en banc arguments. At Gregor Wynne Arney, PLLC, Mr. Turner’s practice will focus on trials and appeals in white collar criminal matters and related legal issues, including complex commercial and civil litigation.

Michael J. Wynne, a partner at Gregor Wynne Arney, PLLC said, “We enthusiastically welcome Jim aboard and are honored to be practicing with him. He strengthens our team, and his extraordinary talent and experience mean presentation of even more airtight jury charges, a boost to our already formidable criminal pretrial and evidentiary motion practice, and a deeper bench to a carry a matter through complex appellate and post-conviction proceedings.”

Mr. Turner said, “Gregor Wynne Arney has great momentum. After a long career of federal service, I am pleased to join the firm. Our team here at the firm can help navigate clients through any type of matter headed for or already in the federal justice system – from the earliest investigatory stage through appeals.” About Gregor Wynne Arney, PLLC

Gregor Wynne Arney, PLLC is a litigation boutique engaged in multiple facets of commercial and business litigation and white-collar criminal defense. The firm handles disputes on both sides of the docket, representing clients in multiple state and federal courts and in both national and international arbitration forums. The firm and its lawyers excel in finding creative and effective approaches to the issues facing our clients in the most complex and high-stake disputes across the telecommunications, media, energy, technology, and financial services sectors, among others. Ultimately, it is the result that matters, and the firm is acclaimed for its high-value, efficient, and objective focused work.


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