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When serious allegations put your future on the line, a seasoned criminal attorney is your best defense. For white collar cases in the Houston metro area, the only name you need to know is Michael J. Wynne.

A Harvard graduate and proud Texan by choice, Mr. Wynne has brought justice to Houston for more than two decades. During his 15 years as an assistant U.S. attorney in Texas’ Southern District, he served as the first-chair federal prosecutor in major public corruption cases that directly impacted Houston, McAllen, Brownsville and surrounding areas. As the lead prosecutor in the high-profile Denison 11 case, he was instrumental to the prosecution of individuals involved in a smuggling operation that killed 11 immigrants. He also led the nationwide crackdown on numerous large child pornography distributors in the highly publicized “Candyman” trial and was first-chair federal prosecutor in the case of congressional candidate Armando Villalobos.

Since 2016, Mr. Wynne has been a partner at Houston-based Hughes, Arrell & Kinchen, diligently handling federal criminal and civil investigations, criminal cases and litigation against charges of fraud and other matters. Earlier in his tenure as a white-collar crime attorney, he represented individuals, corporate fraud victims, profit and non-profit businesses and other entities as a partner at McDermott, Will & Emery.

Mr. Wynne’s stature in the Texas legal community is further illustrated by his many leadership roles. He currently serves as elected director of the State Bar of Texas, chairman of the Houston Bar Association Criminal Law Section and vice chair of the American Bar Association Health Care Law Section.

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Michael J Wynne

A criminal attorney with expertise as diverse as Houston itself

Regarded as a top Houston defense lawyer for criminal and civil cases, Mr. Wynne possesses legal expertise as vast and varied as the state he calls home. He puts this expert knowledge to work every day to meet Houston’s diverse criminal defense needs.

Now the third largest city in the nation, Houston is home to a robust business community and unmatched diversity. Mr. Wynne brings extensive experience across the prosecution and defense spectrum, giving his clients a clear advantage in key areas of white-collar litigation: health care, election and campaign finance, corporate victim advocacy, foreign-national legal defense and U.S. businesses.

Houstonians deserve a high-powered white collar criminal attorney to protect them against damaging allegations and asset forfeiture. That attorney is Michael J. Wynne. Start mounting your legal defense today with the top Houston defense attorney.


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