Corporate-Victim Advocacy After Embezzlement

Corporate Victim Representation in Houston

If you’re looking for a trusted corporate victim attorney in Houston or if you have just made the painful discovery that a trusted officer, director or employee has been embezzling public, private or charitable organization funds, the only name you need to know is white-collar crime attorney Michael J. Wynne. A Harvard Law educated former prosecutor who has diligently handled a variety of high-profile criminal cases, he has built an impressive record of success in and out of court. He is accustomed to the heat of the media spotlight. He puts that unmatched expertise to work for clients seeking corporate victim representation that gets them the restitution – and preserves the reputation –  they deserve.

A White Collar Crime Attorney Who Will Fight for You

When you suffer loss as a result of the criminal actions of others – whether employees, agents or competitors – you may not know where to turn. You may ask why you did not catch the disloyal culprit sooner and how the public may view your oversight systems. But with white-collar crime attorney Mr. Wynne on your side, these unfair losses and unfair public perceptions are not irreversible and not inevitable. With a track record of securing the attention you need from law enforcement, Mr. Wynne uses his unmatched discretion, media sensitivity and expert knowledge of the federal and state criminal laws to help clients avoid the significant costs, and risk, of civil litigation and to recover restitution whenever possible. To see how he can help you, ask him a question or complete a free case evaluation.

Large recoveries for minimal expense

Criminal restitution laws are nothing new. However, the majority of civil practitioners often ignore and underutilize these laws. Why? Because traditionally, the primary focus of federal and state prosecuting authorities has been given to the criminal side. When the victim is a nameless, faceless and profitable corporation, it’s not uncommon for them to be ignored – especially because criminal prosecutors aren’t judged on recovering funds on behalf of the victim.

Mr. Wynne takes a different approach, doing what other lawyers can’t: overcoming the too frequent want of prosecutorial focus on the victim to win the restitution that business clients deserve.

Successful corporate victim advocacy requires two critical factors: an intimate knowledge of restitution laws and credibility with prosecutors. Mr. Wynne harnesses both of these unique qualifications to help facilitate an appropriate, effective interface between corporate victims and the prosecutors and investigating agents.

Win back your reputation and the restitution you deserve

As a former federal prosecutor, Mr. Wynne is armed with an intimate understanding of what’s important to state and federal prosecuting authorities. He uses this experience to pinpoint and make the most of convergences between the prosecution’s incentives and his clients’. The result? Corporate victims can get their lives back and focus on what is important in the interim, with minimal disruption in operations.

If you’re a corporate or individual victim of white collar crime, Mr. Wynne is here to help guide you through the daunting reporting process and to secure the restitution you deserve. Don’t hesitate – contact Houston’s top white-collar crime attorney today for a free case evaluation.

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