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A tremendous number of complex laws and regulations govern our democracy – and that’s an understatement. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a political process not subject to extensive regulation and scrutiny. Whether you’re a candidate, officer holder, financial chair for a candidate or a PAC or a concerned citizen who makes political contributions, it’s crucial to have an expert campaign finance and election law attorney like Michael J. Wynne on your side before the FBI or FEC knocks on your door.

Why you need an elections and campaign finance lawyer

Now more than ever, businesses and individuals are entering the political process with the goal of rightly using their voice and First Amendment rights to shape public policy. It’s a noble goal, and the last thing you want is to incur significant legal and political trouble when trying to make a positive difference and effect change. However, the complicated laws surrounding campaign finance and election law make this an all-too-frequent byproduct of a foray into politics.

As a Harvard Law educated criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor who specialized in public corruption cases, Michael has devoted decades to these types of complex cases. His expertise helps protect individuals, corporations and political organizations from significant penalties, ensuring that all political activity is on the right side of the law. When results matter, trust Michael Wynne.

He counsels clients on the laws and rules of federal campaign finance, state campaign finance, public ethics and political morality, as well as corporate guidelines on related issues.

Election law

The state and federal laws that govern elections are highly complex. Unsurprisingly, these complicated regulations open the door to costly – and very public – mistakes that can damage the reputation of well-meaning individuals, corporations and political organizations.

When you’re effectuating change, there’s far too much at stake to let the shadow of an investigation slow your progress. That’s why it’s crucial to secure a high-powered election law attorney who will help you navigate these regulations with confidence. That attorney is Michael Wynne.

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Federal and state campaign finance compliance 

An expert campaign finance lawyer, Michael has earned a reputation for his high-powered but methodical approach to helping individuals and companies navigate the complexities of highly political and public investigations into historical political campaigns. He’s taken the government to task when it is called for and steered many would-be criminal defendants out of harms away. Regardless of party affiliation, get counsel early in the process, before the case is on the six o’clock news, much less CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. Regardless of party affiliation, get counsel early in the process, before the case is on the six o’clock news, much less CNN, MSNBC or Fox News.

If you’re serious about shaping policy, you need to get serious about election and finance law. Take the first step toward defending yourself against costly, time-consuming violations today with an experienced election law and campaign finance lawyer. Contact Michael for a free consultation.

Donating to a 2020 campaign?

The Federal Election Campaign Act, is a complex piece of legislation that has been amended several times. FECA essentially limits the amount of money one individual can give to the campaign of a political candidate or to a National Party Committee.

In addition, there are federal campaign donation laws limiting donations to an individual candidate’s campaign, whether you are donating to the political party or to a Super Pac.

Talk to an expert election law lawyer about how to make sure you comply with all local and federal regulations before you make large donations.

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