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When your future is at stake, you need a high-powered expert to defend you from damaging allegations. That attorney is Michael J. Wynne.

Mr. Wynne has spent several years working tirelessly to raise the benchmark for white collar criminal defense. A seasoned criminal defense attorney and long-serving federal prosecutor, he possesses a multifaceted understanding of the law rarely found in the profession today. This insight translates into a clear advantage for his white collar defense clients.

A high-powered, high-profile white collar crime lawyer

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Wynne has built an impressive record of success in both state and federal courts. Since leaving the Department of Justice in 2013, he has diligently handled confidential federal criminal investigations, criminal cases and litigation against charges of making illegal campaign contributions, fraud, money laundering and other matters. His practice is passionately devoted to protecting the rights of public and private corporations and businesspersons.

Previously, he represented individuals, corporate fraud victims, profit and nonprofit businesses and other entities in federal criminal and civil litigation and health care matters as a partner at McDermott, Will & Emery.

A seasoned defender familiar with the best prosecutor's mindset

If you’re facing criminal charges, the best person for the job is someone with extensive experience on the other side of the courtroom. Mr. Wynne served as an assistant U.S. attorney for more than 12 years, representing the U.S. in several hundred large investigations and trials in the Southern District of Texas and elsewhere. Through this work, he collaborated with practically every federal and state investigating authority, including the FBI, IRS, DEA, ATF, Health and Human Services OIG, Department of Defense, NASA OIG, Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Texas Rangers, U.S. Marshal Service, the Department of State, SEC, State Securities Board, and multiple foreign governments.

Mr. Wynne was the first-chair federal prosecutor in major public corruption cases, including the prosecution of congressional candidate Armando Villalobos. As the lead prosecutor in the high-profile Denison 11 case, he played a central role in the prosecution of the individuals involved in a smuggling operation that killed 11 immigrants. He discussed this hard-fought accomplishment in a 2014 episode of “The Hunt With John Walsh.” He also led the nationwide crackdown on multiple large, international child pornography distributors, resulting in 90 arrests in the highly-public “Candyman” prosecutions.

With a unique firsthand understanding of the strategies employed by prosecutors, Mr. Wynne knows what you’re up against and stays one step ahead of your opponents. Let Mr. Wynne’s unmatched expertise work for you and your defense strategy.

Michael J. Wynne

A leader in the Texas legal community

Mr. Wynne moved to Texas in 1992 directly after graduating from Harvard Law School and considers himself a proud Texan by choice. Over the past two decades, he’s established himself as a well-regarded leader in the Houston legal community. He recently served as an elected director of the State Bar of Texas, chair of the Houston Bar Association Criminal Law Section and vice chair of the American Bar Association Health Care Law Section. He is a life fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation.

Don’t take your chances on your defense strategy. Act now to secure a high-powered white collar crime attorney who you can trust to protect your rights. Contact Mr. Wynne today for a free case consultation.


  • Michael Wynne is known as a 'lawyer's lawyer.' Michael has handled very challenging cases and does it with respect for the client and the court in a most professional manner. I know as I have referred him some of the more challenging cases.  

    Brian Ettinger Attorney
  • Recently, Michael represented my son on a sensitive matter that had potential criminal repercussions. The matter required an evaluation of criminal liability , strategizing on the best approach to handling a defense, and engaging with federal authorities at both the FBI and DOJ. Michael's previous experience as a AUSA and his track record of representing clients in white collar criminal proceedings proved utterly invaluable. Through a series of discussions with the FBI agents assigned to the case as well as the AUSA, the matter was resolved quickly without any charges being brought. Throughout the process, Michael was a great communicator, was honest and frank about the issues involved, and very focused on getting the outcome that ultimately resulted for my son. I can recommend him without reservation as a trusted and highly skilled legal counsel.

    Christopher O'Brien
  • Michael Wynne defended our family from the Federal Government. They were trying to take the home of my innocent, elderly mother for a claim they had against my deceased father related to events that occured over 30 years ago. With Michael’s help, we were able to reach a very positive resolution and my mom is keeping her home. Michael combines tremendous intelligence and commitment to his clients with deep knowledge and experience in white collar criminal cases. He really knows how to protect people from unreasonable prosecution and injustice. Our case was unique in many ways, but Michael understood how everything fit together and guided us through each step of the process. Without his help, I really believe our family would have suffered greatly. Having him help us get this 30+ year saga of absurdity finally behind us is one of the most important things ever for my family. I highly recommend that you work with Michael Wynne.

    James Mann
  • This man plays chess whilst most other lawyers are playing checkers. I would literally trust Michael with the lives and livelihoods of my family. Michael applies his formidable IQ, deep legal knowledge and extensive network, built over decades as a prosecutor and defender, to ensure his clients find the optimal resolution to legal challenges they face.

    Carmen Battista

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