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When your future is on the line, it’s more than just another case. Protect your reputation and livelihood with high-powered, Harvard Law educated criminal defense attorney Michael J. Wynne. As a former state and federal prosecutor boasting nearly 20 years of experience with high-profile criminal cases, Mr. Wynne holds intimate knowledge of the prosecution tactics commonly used against defendants in court.

Based in Houston, Michael successfully represents individuals and entities across the country and around the world, charged with and under investigation for alleged white collar offenses. Defend yourself and your family against damaging allegations and preemptive asset seizure.

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Case Experience

Domestic White Collar Criminal Defense

Allegations of Patent Infringement

Mr. Wynne has been successfully representing an energy trading platform and its principal in litigation involving allegations of patent infringement and theft of trade secrets brought by individuals based in...

Domestic White Collar Criminal Defense

Allegations of Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Mr. Wynne represented the former chief financial officer of one of the most successful subsidiaries of a Houston-based public energy company against allegations of breach of fiduciary duty and related...

Domestic White Collar Criminal Defense

Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets

Mr. Wynne successfully represented a major Houston-area chemical consortium in an investigation involving alleged theft of trade secrets. Mr. Wynne conducted an internal investigation and reported his findings to authorities...

Michael Wynne Partners with Top Immigration Firm

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  • It is those particularly difficult and complex matters where Mr. Wynne's professionalism, intellect and multi-variable problem-solving abilities shine brightest. As one of a handful of lawyers of the highest caliber, his diligence, attention to detail and commitment to winning combine with his extensive experience. His design and execution of winning courses of action in difficult and complex matters make him an invaluable asset to his clients and has likewise earned him the utmost respect of his peers. To Mr. Wynne, I offer my strongest recommendation, and as an advocate and counselor, I hold him in the highest regard. Should he accept your matter, consider yourself fortunate.

    Noah Daniel Radbil Commercial Litigator
  • Recently, Michael represented my son on a sensitive matter that had potential criminal repercussions. The matter required an evaluation of criminal liability , strategizing on the best approach to handling a defense, and engaging with federal authorities at both the FBI and DOJ. Michael's previous experience as a AUSA and his track record of representing clients in white collar criminal proceedings proved utterly invaluable. Through a series of discussions with the FBI agents assigned to the case as well as the AUSA, the matter was resolved quickly without any charges being brought. Throughout the process, Michael was a great communicator, was honest and frank about the issues involved, and very focused on getting the outcome that ultimately resulted for my son. I can recommend him without reservation as a trusted and highly skilled legal counsel.

    Christopher O'Brien
  • Michael Wynne is known as a 'lawyer's lawyer.' Michael has handled very challenging cases and does it with respect for the client and the court in a most professional manner. I know as I have referred him some of the more challenging cases.  

    Brian Ettinger Attorney
  • Michael is a very caring, confident and professional lawyer. I felt very comfortable putting my trust and case in his hands, knowing he would find the right solutions.

    Antony Kalleeny

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