Federal Court Upholds Sanctions Against Plaintiff in Trade Secrets Dispute

Michael J. Wynne Is Among Attorneys Representing the Defendant

A Texas federal court recently upheld findings of the magistrate judge who ruled that Pallavi Ghayalod and her husband, Manoj Ghayalod, obstructed discovery during ongoing litigation on trade secrets.

Indian company Arya Risk Management Systems is suing competitor Dufossat Capital Puerto Rico and its CEO, alleging copyright violation.

Dufossat Capital has countered the lawsuit, claiming that Manoj and Pallavi planned to misappropriate Dufossat trade secrets.

Attorney Michael J. Wynne, along with attorneys Randall M. Foret and Robert Lemus, represent Dufossat Capital.

Affirming the magistrate judge’s decision, the federal court stated Manoj purposely deleted hard drives to withhold information stored on them from defendants and violated a duty to keep that information intact. The court also upheld the ruling to give default judgement for Dufossat Capital against Manoj, Pallavi and Arya relating to some of the claims Dufossat filed against them.

Court-ordered mediation is scheduled for Oct. 23, 2019. View more details on the case.

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