Michael J. Wynne Partners with Foster Global Immigration Solutions

The Partnership

Michael J. Wynne has entered a strategic partnership with Foster Global Immigration Solutions. Michael J. Wynne handles the international white collar crime aspects of cases, while Foster Global handles the accompanying complex immigration portion of cases.

Mr. Wynne is an expert criminal defense attorney with decades of experience in defending foreign nationals accused of white collar crime.

About Foster Global

Foster Global offers personalized immigration services for businesses, families, and individuals. The leading immigration law firm works on behalf of some of the largest employers worldwide, top emerging and mid-market companies, investors, individuals and families.

Founded in 1973 by Charles Foster in Houston, Texas, the firm has been a trusted leader in U.S. and international immigration law for more than 40 years.

Today, Foster Global is the largest minority-owned immigration law firm in the U.S. and has the most board-certified attorneys in immigration and nationality law in Texas.

Over decades of leadership, the firm has earned widespread recognition for its strategic work. Through experience, leadership and technology, the team has solved the most complex immigration matters. Foster Global never forgets that behind every case there is a person, a family and their livelihood.

Contact Foster Global today for immigration law assistance, or contact Michael J. Wynne to start building your defense for white collar crime. 

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