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Medicare/Medicaid fraud. OIG investigations. Anti-Kickback and Stark Law. Diversion cases. There’s no denying that well-intentioned hospital systems, health care professionals and pharmacies have become targets like never before, with a mere accusation threatening to tarnish the good name you’ve worked so hard to build. The best defense? To prepare as early as possible for investigations and audits with an experienced health care fraud attorney like Mr. Wynne on your side.

He has additional expertise in systematic health care abuse cases, from Veterans Affairs negligence toward vets to allegedly complacent pharmacies and pharmacists in the opioid epidemic.

A Proven Health Care Fraud Attorney

There’s no question that the federal government has increasingly targeted health care professionals for prosecution in recent years. Health care fraud is an extremely complicated area of law, one that is constantly changing and comes with severe penalties and fines.

Unfortunately, the small minority of dishonest, fraudulent providers risk the reputation and livelihood of ethical practitioners. In today’s landscape, a mere accusation can tarnish the good name you’ve worked so hard to build.

The best defense? From alleged Stark Law violations to coding irregularities, be prepared as early as possible for investigations and audits, with an experienced health care fraud attorney on your side.

When your reputation and livelihood is on the line, contact Michael J. Wynne.

Medicare/Medicaid scams

Medicare/Medicaid fraud involves the submission and request for health care reimbursement under false pretenses to collect money illegitimately. This is a complex area with ever-changing laws and regulations. The consequences of an unsuccessful review can be devastating and include suspension of the provider’s Medicare/Medicaid number, forfeiture of assets and millions in damages.

Navigating Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements can be challenging for even the most seasoned white-collar defense attorney. Choosing your attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you’ve received an audit letter or are being audited, contact Michael Wynne immediately for a free criminal case evaluation from an expert Houston health care fraud attorney.

Health insurance fraud

Various accusations fall under the umbrella of health insurance fraud. Common examples include billing for services never provided, performing medically unnecessary services to generate insurance payments and accepting kickbacks. With more eyes on health insurance companies than perhaps any other time in history, it’s never been more crucial to secure an expert white-collar defense attorney committed to protecting your company’s rights.

Health care fraud and abuse

“Upcoding” and “unbundling” are common, and serious, types of health care fraud. Upcoding occurs when a provider bills for more expensive services than they actually provided. Unbundling is another type of improper coding where a provider bills each step of a procedure as if it were separate to increase profits illegally.

In many cases, these charges can stem from poor billing practices, not an intention to commit fraud. A seasoned white-collar defense attorney, Mr. Wynne will take the steps needed to protect your reputation and your practice against health care fraud and abuse charges.

Systematic health care abuse

In addition to the areas listed above, Mr. Wynne has a particular interest in systematic health care abuse cases, from Veterans Affairs negligence toward vets to pharmacies alleged to be complacent or complicit in the opioid epidemic. While many prosecutions are just, too often the government and the regulators cast their nets too wide and ensnare innocent professionals caught at the wrong place at the wrong time or in actions of former business partners.

If you have received an audit letter, are being investigated or are in need of counsel, contact an experienced health care lawyer immediately for a free case evaluation. When your future is on the line, you can’t afford to wait for a case to build up against you. Take the first step toward defending yourself against damaging allegations today and ask a question or submit a free case evaluation.

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